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At Poonji Real Estate, we understand that people everywhere are searching for a home to call their own. We want to make this search as joyful as finally finding the perfect home because we understand that finding a home is much more than an online search!

A home is a cherished memory that lasts forever, it is where the walls embrace memories, the ceilings shelter love and laughter, where the quiet corners offer a much-needed pause and life itself becomes a reason to celebrate.So to make this journey joyful, we begin by partnering with our customers from the start and being there when it matters the most - right from online search to brokers to home loans to paperwork to finally finding that perfect home.

At Poonji Real Estate, we not only help you search but help you find. We help you find joy.

  • Exhaustive search options for both renting and buying property
  • Easy to use analytics
  • Apartment and locality reviews
  • A comprehensive and verified data base of apartments across Gurgaon Apartment community management tools.

Led by passionate problem-solvers, and backed by top investors from around the world, we are poised to become the most trusted place to find a home in India.

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